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E-max Institutes provide the facility of a highly proactive and well linked Placement Cell to guide and support the students for excellent placements in the leading companies and industries.  Students are encouraged to use the service from early in their course of study that will match their skills and aspirations. Our students are placed in many leading companies like Wipro, HCL Technologies,  Tata, Mahindra & Mahindra, DLF, Sukam , ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Reliance etc.,


E-max Institutes has an independent placement office focused to cater to the needs of leading organizations in conducting campus interviews for the final year students. It is headed by Er. Sunil Kumar Arya with additional charge and supported by student placement coordinators. The placement office ensures and takes care to provide the best arrangements and hospitality to the HR team from various companies.


The placement office functions with facilities for PPT, written test, group discussions and interviews. It plays a key role in career counseling and guiding of students of E-max Education City for their successful career placement. This includes advising the students on placement procedures, directing them on resume preparation, giving training in group discussions, interviews and written tests. This office also co-ordinates the various activities related to institute-industry interaction. 


E-max Education city acts as a Placement Hub for the thousands of passing out students of the region. Regular Job Fests were organized to provide employment opportunity to all the students of the Region.


We can be proud of the fact that most of our students of the pre-final and final year students are placed in the Top Companies with a handsome pay packages.


S.NoDateCompanyForNo of Candidates Selected
128-03-2011Secure Line Systems Pvt LtdDiploma - ME, CSE,IT,CE46
228-03-2011HDFC BankMBA - Mktg, Finance and HR15
328-03-2011ICICI BankMBA - Mktg, Finance and HR22
429-03-2011Blue Beacon Security Systems Pvt LtdDiploma - Electronics, Electrical35
529-03-2011Omega Maritime Services Pvt LtdDiploma - Mechanical & Electrical10
630-03-2011Tech MahindraDiploma -CSE & IT21
730-03-2011Unicom Telelinks LimitedDiploma CSE, IT and ECE12
830-03-2011HB Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.MBA- Mktg14
931-03-2011Path Breaker Communications Pvt. LtdMBA- Mktg5
1001-04-2011NIITMBA- Mktg5
1101-04-2011Berkeley Automobiles LtdDiploma - Mechanical10
1205-04-2011Noviya SystemsMCA, B.Tech CSE,IT23
1305-04-2011SLR InfotechMCA, B.Tech CSE,IT12
1404-04-2011JM Corporate ServicesDiploma - ME, CSE,IT,CE27
1504-04-2011KMG InfotechB.Tech CSE,IT,ECE (Pre Final Year )22
1606-04-2011Sebiz Infotech LimitedB.Tech CSE,IT,ECE (Pre Final Year )18
1705-04-2011HCL InfosystemsB.Tech CSE,IT,ECE (Pre Final Year )26
1806-04-2011DLF PramericaMBA - Mktg, Finance and HR6
1925-04-2011Chandigarh Stone WaresDiploma - Mechanical6
2027-04-2011Samriti Engineers Private LimitedDiploma - Civil9
2127-04-2011Apex Encon Projects Pvt. LTdDiploma - Civil5
2229-04-2011Tata AIG Life Insurance Company LtdMBA - Mktg, Finance and HR8
2306-05-2011BTPUB.Tech CSE (Pre Final Year )14
2408-06-2011Royal Estates Pvt LtdDiploma - Civil2
2516-06-2011S.P Singla Constructions Pvt LtdDiploma - Civil6
2616-06-2011RIA Constructions Pvt LtdDiploma - Civil4
2714-06-2011Ultra Tech Cement India LtdDiploma - Civil6
2814-06-2011N.K Sharma Real EstateDiploma - Civil4
2911-11-2011Idea FoundationMCA6
3011-10-2011Mas Financial Services Pvt LtdMBA- Mktg, Finance 15
3114-11-2011Reliance Communications LtdMBA - Mktg, HR, Finance33
3204-12-2011Webcom TechnologiesB.Tech CSE/IT, MCA, MBA8
3321-11-2011Mahindra & MahindraB.Tech Mechanical, Diploma Mechanical7
3421-11-2011VolkswagonB.Tech Mechanical, Diploma Mechanical11
3507-12-2011Cheema Boilers LimitedB.Tech Mechanical, Diploma Mechanical20
3608-12-2011Solitair Infosys IncB.Tech CSE/IT, MCA, MBA12
3709-12-2011Reliance Life InsuranceMBA5
3808-12-2011WardrobeMBA- Mktg3
3908-12-2011Mind Excel SystemsDiploma -ECE, MBA- Mktg4
4009-12-2011Majestic Solutions IncMBA- Finance, Mktg15
4109-12-2011Tata TeleservicesMBA - Mktg, HR8
4209-12-2011Vodafone (One Communication)MBA- Mktg28
4315-02-2012Tech MahindraDiploma CSE / IT16
4416-02-2012ShriRam FortuneMBA5
4517-02-2012SymphonyCSE / IT7
4624-02-2012Red AlkemiCSE / IT6
4721-02-2012HCL InfosystemsCSE / IT3
4822-02-2012WiproCSE / IT2
4913-03-2012Sharp Web DevelopersCSE / IT8
5013-03-2012RV TechnologiesCSE / IT6
5113-03-2012Abinitio Communication Services Pvt LtdCSE / IT6
5214-03-2012TekhrtCSE / IT3
5314-03-2012Climace TechnologiesCSE / IT3
5414-03-2012Karrox Technologies LimitedCSE / IT2
5515-03-2012Tia InfotechCSE / IT5
5615-03-2012Mind Fire TechnologiesCSE / IT6
5715-03-2012Intersoft ProfessionalsCSE / IT4
5816-03-2012Varagi Software Solutions Pvt LtdCSE / IT7
5916-03-2012Pidassia IT Consultants Pvt LTdCSE / IT8
6016-03-2012CS Info SolutionsCSE / IT4
6127-03-2012Sukam Power Systems Pvt LtdDiploma Mech & ITI19
6229-03-2012GodrejDiploma Mech & ITI6
6327-03-2012Allena Auto Industries Pvt LtdDiploma Mech & ITI12
6429-03-2012Irle Kay Jay Rolls Pvt LtdDiploma Mech & ITI4
6528-03-2012K.S Electromech Pvt LtdDiploma Mech & ITI6
6628-03-2012GTB Automotive Systems Pvt LtdDiploma Mech & ITI6
6729-03-2012Jetage Garage Equipments Pvt LtdDiploma Mech & ITI4
6804-04-2012Angel Broking LimitedMBA16
6904-04-2012DLF PrameciaMBA12
7004-04-2012Ind-Swift Laboratories LimitedMBA5
7104-04-2012Bharat Infradevelopers LtdMBA5
7204-04-2012Edelweiss Stockbroking LtdMBA4
7304-04-2012HCL InfosystemsMBA7
7404-04-2012RKF Web WorldMBA12
7505-04-2012Money Ambit Financial ServicesMBA8
7605-04-2012Insat Techno ServicesMBA3
7705-04-2012Orion LeagueMBA5
7905-04-2012Techno CampusMBA3
8010-04-2012Allumez InfotechCSE / IT18
8110-04-2012Solutions Beyond SoftwareCSE / IT16
8211-04-2012A1 TechnologyCSE / IT11
8311-04-2012Bytes InfotechCSE / IT1
8413-04-2012HDFC Life InsuranceMBA4
8513-04-2012Birla Sun LifeMBA2
8620-04-2012RTS Systems Pvt LtdECE2
8720-04-2012Etco Digital Pvt LtdECE3
8820-04-2012Embex Technologies Pvt LtdECE19
8903-05-2012Axis BankMBA8
9014-05-2012Bajaj Motors LimitedDiploma Mech.14
9115-05-2012NEP Communications Pvt LtdB.Tech ECE12
9217-05-2012Mova SystemsB.Tech ECE11
9322-05-2012Code StudioCSE / IT6
9423-05-2012NetGains America LLCCSE / IT2
9523-05-2012RV Technologies Pvt LtdCSE / IT5
9631-05-2012Tootal IT SolutionsCSE / IT4
9725-06-2012Eureka ForbesMBA / BBA6
9829-06-2012ICICI BankMBA / B.Com / BBA4
9905-09-2013Serco Global LLCBBA, MBA10
10012-09-2013Xportsoft Technologies Pvt. LtdB.Tech CSE/IT & MCA1
10126-11-2013RV Technologies Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech CSE/IT & MCA2
10226-11-2013BMA Wealth Creaters Pvt. Ltd.MBA Mktg, Diploma3
10327-11-2013Riya Infotel Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech ECE , Diploma ECE10
10420-02-2014Tech Naitra IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech CSE / IT7
10521-02-2014PICNFrames Technologies Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech CSE / IT2
10625-02-2014R.G. Teletech Services Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech ECE27
10703-03-2014Spectraforce Technologies Pvt Ltd.B.Tech CSE/IT & MCA1
10805-03-2014A2it soft solutions Pvt. Ltd.MBA / BBA5
10911-03-2014ICICI BankMBA / BBA6
11013-03-2014Earth Infrastructure LimitedMBA / BBA8
11125-03-2014G3IT Hub Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech/ Diploma - CSE / IT17
11214-04-2014Fujikawa Power Ltd (Okaya Batteries B.Tech / Diploma ME / Electrical14
11311-08-2014WiproB.Tech CSE/IT / ECE16
11404-09-2014Megrisoft LimitedB.Tech CSE / IT or MCA12
11529-09-2014WeblanceB.Tech CSE / IT or MCA5
11630-09-2014RV TechnologiesB.Tech CSE / IT or MCA9
11701-10-2014Mc. Newton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech CSE / IT or MCA3
11816-10-2014NSS Technologies Pvt. LtdMBA & BBA3
11916-10-2014Tech MahindraB.Tech CSE/IT/ECE, Diploma CSE/IT/ECE7
12004-12-2014Wannakart Dot ComB.Tech CSE / IT & MCA3
12107-12-2014GenpactB.Tech CSE/ECE/IT/Electrical5
12223-03-2015Jaeco Rebuilding Systems Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech ME11
12306-04-2015Athena SoftB.Tech CSE / IT / ECE6
12408-04-2015eClerk LimitedB.Tech CSE/IT/ECE/ME/CE & BBA4
12515-04-2015Eureka Forbes LimitedB.Tech / Diploma ECE, Electrical ; MBA/BBA13
12623-04-2015Tuff Geekers Web Solutions B.Tech CSE,IT,ECE & MBA/BBA3
12724-04-2015Web Astral Infotech Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech CSE/IT/ECE1
12821-08-2015HCL Technologies LtdB.Tech All Branches16
12901-09-2015Megrisoft LimitedB.Tech CSE/IT or MCA12
13002-09-2015Aegis LimitedB.Tech All Branches2
13118-09-2015Teleperformance LimitedB.Tech All Branches12
13206-10-2015RV Technologies Pvt. LtdB.Tech CSE/IT or MCA6
13320-10-2015Tuff Geekers Web Solutions B.Tech CSE,IT,ECE & MBA/BBA3
13428-10-2015Genpact LimitedB.Tech (All Branches), MBA, BBA8
13503-11-2015IndusInd BankMBA / BBA9
13604-11-2015Web Astral Infotech Pvt. Ltd.B.Tech CSE/IT/ECE4
13706-11-2015Coca Cola (Kandhari Beverages Pvt. Ltd.)MBA / BBA15
13817-02-2016Eureka Forbes LimitedB.Tech / Diploma ECE, Electrical ; MBA/BBA9
13909-03-2016HDFC Bank LimitedB.Tech CSE/IT/ECE/EE/ME, MBA/BBA5
14017-03-2016 Solitaire Infosys Pvt. Ltd. B.Tech CSE/IT, ECE 7
14122-03-2016Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd.MBA2
14219-04-2016 eClerx Services Limited B.Tech CSE/IT, ECE 6
14304-05-2016 Erginus - Funki Orange Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. B.Tech CSE/IT, ECE 5


Emax Training and placement department will help and advice to students who are unsure of which field they want to work in. Following which they will be given guidance towards researching and gaining a right placement.  The placement office is responsible for sending students data to various companies, and bringing them for placements. In other hand, TPC also selects eligible students and send them out for off-campus programmes being conducted by either company or other reputed colleges. The role of training and placement department is not only limited to organizing placement drives. The various other responsibilities as per AICTE which Training and Placement Department have are as follows:





Training of the students in the industry/ other user system.

(a)  Placement coordinators in consultation with respective department heads should provide list of companies where Training of students in the industry are required to be arranged.

(b)  Seminars of organizations providing industrial training should be handled by the final and pre final year student TNP coordinators. Same should be approved by department faculty TNP coordinator and HOD of the respective department. It should be notified to the TPO also.

(c)  Training Coordinators should provide a list of companies along with their photocopy training certificates where the students had gone training.

(d)  Training marks if any should be provided in consultation with TNP Coordinator of the respective department. A Copy of the mark sheet should also be provided to the TPO.

(e)  Training letters signed by TPO should be provided to respective students by TNP Student Coordinators of each class.


Industry Institute Interaction.

(a)     TNP Coordinators in consultation with respective HOD’s should provide a list of missing topics in academic curriculum.

(b)     Final and Pre Final Year TNP Student Coordinators should arrange Industry Institute Interaction Guest Lectures for the students of respective departments.

(c)     Respective HOD’s should provide at least four hours in a month (2 Hours twice) for Industry – Institute Interaction. The time slot should be notified to the TPO well in advance.


Arranging Industrial visit of students.

(a) There should be a definite Industrial Visit Planner for at least one industrial visit of every batch of each discipline during a semester.

(b)   The industrial visit planner should be provided by the department heads keeping in mind the academic calendar of that semester.

(c)   Faculty TNP Coordinator should provide the list of relevant industries in the nearby regions where industrial visit can be planned.

(d)   If required student TNP Coordinators should visit the industry for arranging Industrial Visit of their respective batch (Not applicable in case of Emax Polytechnic College).

(e)   Within three days of the Industrial Visit each student will have to submit a Visit report of 8-10 Pages stating purpose of visit, learning’s etc.

(f)     The reports should be marked and training marks (As in Point 1(d) should be given according to the marks scored in industrial visits.

(g)   Training Coordinator should provide the required information to the TPO regarding marks given to students of Industrial visits.


To arrange for the placement of the students through campus interviews during their course of study as well as after their passing out.

(a)   Faculty Training and Placement Coordinator s of respective departments should be responsible for providing complete student data of final year students

(b)   Student TNP Coordinators of respective departments with the help of TPO should visit industries for arranging placements.

(c)   Student TNP Coordinators if visiting any Industry for inviting them for placement should intimate their Department Head and Training and Placement Officer.

(d)   The student TNP Coordinators are responsible for processes like registration, organizing written tests, group discussions, interviews etc during the Campus Placement Drive.

(e)   During the Campus Placement Drive HOD of that department of which Campus is going on should depute sufficient number of faculty members for Coordination with TPO (Minimum two members should be deputed during a placement drive).

(f)     Student Training and Coordinators can have at most 3 Offer Letters during the Campus Placement Drives. Other students can have at most 2 Offer Letters during the Campus Placement Drives.


To arrange for expert lecturers to update the students and the staff regarding recent developments in industry


To handle alumni affairs, including maintenance of all relevant details of pass out students and alumni association.

The proclaimed aims and objectives of the Emax Alumni Network have been to:

1.             foster the spirit of brotherhood and comradeship among the alumni of emax institutes

2.             disburse scholarships to the outstanding students of various disciplines of the emax group

3.             raise funds for various welfare and other schemes in the institute as approved by the Network

4.             provide a forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day

5.             look after the general interests of the alumni of the group of institutes

6.             bring out publication for the fulfillment of the objectives of the network

7.             arrange social and cultural functions

8.             open branches of network in various parts of the country and across the world, and

9.             perform all other acts in furtherance of the objectives of the Network


To monitor the working of alumni association and to arrange their meetings.


To sponsor students for various paper presentations and the Technical exhibitions.


To arrange in service training program of the teachers according to update their knowledge and skill to teach the updated/ revised curriculum.


To arrange entrepreneurship camps and to motivate the students for self employment.

(a)   Every year One Entrepreneurship camp / Entrepreneurship Program should be arranged by the Training and Placement Department.

(b)   “Earn while you learn” programs should be promoted though collaborations with various industries.

(c)   If possible incubation centre should be established in College Campus by the Team of Students TNP Coordinators. The projects undertaken should be approved by respective HOD’s and Training and Placement Officer.


To arrange programmes for guidance and counseling of the students regarding various sources of finance, men and material for self-employment.


To engage classes for teaching as well as for personality development of students.


Student Exchange Programs with other Universities 


Global Internship Programs (GEP’s) around the world 


Youth – Society Interaction Cell 



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